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Little Things

Recently seen a brilliant short film that Jean Pierre Jeunet (Amelie fame) made a while back about the everyday little things we do and dont like. The film was pre Amelie and is very much Jeunet’s signature style using scratch video montage to highlight interesting observations about our litttle excitements over little things that soon add up to create happiness or hatred! The film has now made me start to think of the little things i like some of which include hairy chests, pockets, chocolate bunnies and six degrees of separation!

See the short film on youtube, its called Foutaises


Charlesworth the village


Yes its true i have found my namesake village of Charlesworth. It lies between Glossop and Manchester and has a number of facilities and attributes: a Church of England, a Conservative party club, the Charlesworth Cricket club, Equestrian training centre, and a couple of good traditional British old man pubs. Oh how very quaint and very Charlesworth!

The BIG day

Yes it was inevitable but my birthday arrived and then within 24 hours it disappeared again but left behind a wonderful chocolate cake (thank you D.I. guys!)



cake photo by an amused mungbean