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The Predictive Gene Test has landed (in The Guardian anyway)

Richard Powers from The Guardian recently wrote about predictive gene testing services in the article “How Will I Die?” He went to get his genome sequenced and open Pandora’s box of “Do i really want to know? Should i really know? etc” In doing so he did a wide search of all that exists out there in the world of commercial personal genome and full sequencing services – see previous posts:

Predictive Gene Testing services

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the killer in me: celebrities get their genome sequenced


Personal Genome Project

The Personal Genome Project aims to publish the complete genomes and medical records of several volunteers, in order to enable research into personalised medicine (pharmacogenomics). It was initiated by Harvard University’s George Church in 2006. The project will publish the genotype of the volunteers, along with extensive information about their phenotype: medical records, various measurements, MRI images, etc. All data will be freely available over the Internet, so that researchers can test various hypotheses about the relationships among genotype, environment and phenotype. All data will be published along with the volunteer’s name An important part of the project will be the exploration of the resulting risks to the participants, such as possible discrimination by insurers and employers if the genome shows a predisposition for certain diseases.