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The future of beauty?

silver foil wraps Face Masks

Silver suits and face masks used in spas and beauty parlours today but presented like an idea of the future back in the 50’s


Spray On Condoms

And an interesting way to make condoms fit better!. A diagram to show a new product that will spray on a uniquely fit to purpose condom. The Institute for Condom Consultancy is in co-operation with Vinico and Qualo Design plan to launch a spray-on condom tailor-made for all sizes. According to Jan Vinzenz Krause, from the Institute for Condom Consultancy, “Our team is developing a type of spray can into which the man inserts his penis first. At the push of a button it is then coated in a rubber condom. It works by spraying on latex from nozzles on all sides. We call it the ‘360 degree procedure’ — once round and from top to bottom. It’s a bit like a car wash. The plan is to make the product ready for use in about five seconds.” The high-tech condom will be available in a variety of colours and strengths by 2008.

Medical instruments of self knowledge

fobttest.jpg 370.jpg bloodfingerpricktest.jpg

familytreednakit.jpg Dna Synthesizer
From top left to bottom right:

Fecal Occult Blood Test.
OraQuickAdvance® rapid (oral) HIV test
Finger prick blood test
A family dna kit
A DNA synthesizer

The de-motivators


Fantastic site that sticks two fingers up at the real believers of optimistic perfectionism in commerce + business:

the manual

customer disservice

Instruments of Self-Knowledge

The caption alongside my exhibit of sourced artifacts in the Design Interactions interim show. . Some of the instruments inside the cabinet of self knowledge are listed below with a small explanation as to how they are used and for what purpose.


Fortune Tellers 2


Yes thats right the Woodmans WeatherStick. Fantastic graphics and lo-tech answer to predicting your day. Originally from the US, the WeatherStick is generally about 40cm long which when mounted outside it will point upward with the onset of good weather (high pressure) and down as bad weather approaches (low pressure). These sticks were first used by the native Americans of the northeast USA and the Canadian east and southeast, who noticed the behaviour of dry branches prior to the arrival of weather changes. The weather stick is a rare example of a weather prediction tool which predates the mercury barometer.

Fortune Tellers 1


A ridiculous product. The Fortune Wisdom Soap that will, after a few baths, open up to reveal a sentence of wisdom regarding one’s love, life and happiness. Fortune telling and cleansing at the same time…oh what genius !