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A political god-o-meter

My Time in Torino

Deserted Rehabilitation Office

Rehabilitation stairway

Rehabilitation stairway

Equipment no longer needed

Gym meets Classical Baroque

I have recently returned from a trip to Italy that included both work and pleasurable activities! I spent the first half being involved in a workshop in Pollenzo just south of Torino and the other half in the land of beauty called Cinque Terre and I also went to Pisa to see something lean to one side.

Week One

During this first week in Italy i was involved in the Active Welfare workshop which was part of the World Design Capital International design Summer School in Torino . I applied then got accepted to be involved in a workshop about the local health system in a place called Fossano not far from Pollenzo where we were staying. I was working in a group of 30 (way too many me thinks) some people were undergrad and postgrad students, some were working in their own business, some were phds. Alongside this workshop were 2 others based on Food Networks (being run by Marti Guixe) and Open and Safe Places ( )and our particular workshop was being run by Lesh and Laszlo both who very recently have left Philips Design to set up their own business called Fuelfor in Barcelona, Spain.
One thing that was great was that i was staying and working in the University of Gastronomic Science, oh my god what a beautiful place. I was in a hotel that head a courtyard, swimming pool, jacuzzi and great breakfast!

We spent the week learning about three areas of interest in relation to our clients: rehabilitation, obesity and access to care. We worked in teams and initially carried out fieldwork at a rehabilitation hospital in a town called Fassano, interviewing various patients, family members, therapists, doctors and nurses. The amazing hospital we visited that dates back to the 1700s and was a former church, some amazing retro fitting and juxtaposition of medical equipment and beautiful architecture…..to be continued

Obese man fails BMI gets rejected by New Zealand Immigration

Check it out>

Obese dummy used by emergency services

obesedummy2.jpg obese-dummy.jpg

Family-run Ruth Lee Fire & Rescue Equipment in Wales have created the largest and heaviest dummy weighing in at 28-stone to help emergency services cope with the growing number of obese people they have to rescue. Read more at the BBC News website.

One in three think cancer is fate

An article from BBC news website stated that a third of adults in Wales believe getting cancer is down to fate and those over 65 were most likely to put it down to destiny, whereas men were less likely than women to take a fatalistic approach.