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Quantifying pain

Exploratree Thinking Tools by futurelab + microsoft

Those clever chaps at Futurelab have created a beta online tool that enables people to think visually! Think of all those mind maps you have done in the past that have been completely disorganized and free form. But with exploratree they will help you create frameworks for futures wheel (my favourite), a compass rose (!) and a pmi!!

How life values turn into graphs, mind maps & annual reports

Feltrons’ annual report and Daytum app.

Humourous blog full of comparative graphs and equations called Indexed.

A brilliant animation film using the data from the Indexed blog

The brilliant Jonathan Harris who has done everything to do with human emotions, MySQL and data visualization! Damn!

A cute way of adding humnour to very scientific visualisations by Antoine Schmitt

Lucy Kimbell – Free Evaluation Service

Lucy Kimbell calls herself an artist and interaction designer and one project that i have begun to understand and become intrigued by is her Free Evaluation Service. “A performance/service that sits uncomfortably on the boundaries of live art and pscyhology and management practices,”. By using dashboard dials as a comparative metaphor this service used to help artists visually evaluate and compare their own values in accordance to their own practice and empower those participants by realising how and who evaluated their work. A clever way of making a piece of work that actually works on two levels, pragmatically and critically.

From her website:

How to use this toolkit:

1 Select a dial that represents something within your own practice and photocopy the page
2 Mark an arrow on the dial to show where you are right now
3 Add units, labels or danger zones to increase the usefulness of the dial
4 Repeat the process, gathering together around seven to ten dials. Create your own dials if you prefer using the blank shapes provided.
5 Lay out your dials on a large piece of paper and consider your dashboard. Rearrange and stick them down when you are ready
6 Notice where each arrow is now: think about where you’d like each arrow to be
7 Repeat in a month

Some examples of the results from one session:

dashboard1.gif monthlyincome.gif

Self-discovery sites

There is an abundance of self discovery personality tests and questionnaires available to all on the web. Some are more useful than others some are more Cosmopolitan than psychometric but my favourite has got to be the colour quiz!

The Colorquiz
      The Spark        Tickle        iVillage        Queendom

Enneagram Institute         Myers-Briggs

New Years Resolutions? pt 2


Self-improvement by autosuggestion is what a the New Year’s resolution actually encourages, especially if it is followed up by systematic attention to the resolution.

New Years resolutions raised by participants of NYE2006 experiment: (see previous post)

materialistic : car, buying house independently, furniture,
physical: get fit, stay healthy,
creative pursuits: write letters, learn floristry, build greenhouse, build herb garden
career prospects: new job, suitable internship, skill development, career advancement, financial independence & security, recognition & fame
experential & cultural : travel more, learn french, promotion in sport teams, learn to make people laugh, developing sport skills
relational: find a girl/boy friend, be there for friends & family, have more fun with boy/girlfriend, host family meals/dinner parties

New Years Resolutions?

An insight into our New Year resolutions (see this cool website)

One example of a little experiment I carried out on some New Years Eve Revellers:

List five things that went well for you in 2006 & list five things that you hope for in 2007:


“Good things that happened in 2006 :

  • Bought a lovely flat
  • Moved in with lovely man
  • Got a new job
  • Got a lovely cat called Mary
  • Went to Malaysia and spent lovely time with good friends

Hopes & aspirations for 2007:

  • Get fit
  • Spend more time with people i love
  • Be truthful
  • Dream
  • Write letters”