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My ‘Post RCA Adventures’ Presentation

The Jessica Post RCA Adventure Happiness Diagram

The Jessica Post RCA Adventure Happiness Diagram

A presentation given to the 1st and 2nd years of MA Design Interactions at the RCA about my Post RCA adventures since 2007. A great opportunity for reflecting on my past and deciding on my future. Quite a weird feeling going back to college but was nice to meet with the students especially to also be sharing my presentation time with Anab Jain and Susanna Soares. There was an overall optimistic feeling especially as these students will be graduating  smack bang in the middle of credit crunch. There was a group wave of joy as we all decided that these students wil be changing the face of recession and by their very enthusiasm and forward critical thinking approaches they will be creating the new design economy. Design is kicking ass at last!

Tribal Futures: RCA + Vodafone project


In December ’08 I was asked to be an ’embedded reporter’ for the RCA MA Design Interactions “Tribal Futures” project, sponsored by Vodafone. Working alongside Matt Jones, Onkar Kular and Tony Dunne, my duties included attending talks and tutorials in order to populate the Tribal Futures research blog that was used as a shared communication channel between all students of the MA course and members of the Vodafone UX team in London and Dusseldorf. The 4 week project asked the students to consider the implications the emergent changes in communications technology will have on group behaviour. To identify or create a group and propose design interventions to support, subvert and celebrate tribal connections. Somegreat stuff came out of the project and I really enjoyed working alongside the clever people at the RCA.

Matt has written a great summary on his Magic Nihilism blog with some little snippets about the various projects by the students  and the visiting speakers who were involved in the project including Clay Shirky, Will Davies, Richard Pope, Nina Pope and Onkar Kular.

Please check out the Tribal Futures website & if you wanna see how the process went ; there are various blog entries about the students  progress and a variety of research insights along the way ,then visit the Tribal Futures Research Blog